by Neighbors

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All songs by Brian Squillace. All recording, producing, mixing by Brian Squillace and Landon Paul.


released January 1, 2011

Brian Squillace and Landon Paul



all rights reserved


Neighbors Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Submarine
On my sister's wedding day, I convinced you to stay
with me and all my lack of ways to see eye to eye
I am a submarine in shallow seas taking a peak
with my periscope I clearly see you drifting away from me

I know I cannot hide, my metal hull is a disguise
a panicked crew waits in side for my command to dive
but I surely won't submerge and float beneath not being heard
there are so many words that should be said

you said a hundred times I can't provide
I won't waste my time making this right
Track Name: The Blueprint
The day that I die you can put me in the earth
down in the dirt I'll wiggle with the worms
I want to live as solid as a sword
determined as a soldier headed off to war
and when you find my tentacles washed up on shore
I'll be growing new ones, stronger than before
the day that I'm defeated I will still want more
I'll help you build my grave, it'll look like a door

The day that I die, I'll become a ghost
I'll sleep between the dunes, I'll wander up the coast
I want to live as buoyant as a boat
as alert as the lighthouse guiding your way home
I'm spending all my days drawing charts and maps
no matter where I travel I'll find my way back
so keep your eyes on me and notice where I'm at
I'm a textbook example of how to adapt
Track Name: Cold War Dance Hall
If "talking to" is a euphemism for fucking
then you should really shut your mouth
the whole nation of russia
is budding into our conversation
I'm in a cold war, a race to launch satellites
I live in fear of the information that they find
dubstep dance nights, drugs and propaganda
all I have to offer is my ability to stand up

I seem to have failed so miserably
but I seem to have a way out of everything
you seem to have caught me off my guard
but it will never happen again

oh no it happened again, why do I even pretend
that you could be anything but poisonous?
i've been giving out the benefit of the doubt
like pamphlets at a protest against myself
you hate american football but your throwing arm is pretty strong
you demonstrated, throwing that mason jar at me
i bolted out of there, shouted your crazy from down the stairs
into the alley I peeled out in my car
Track Name: Old World
I'm two steps removed from the old world
i've never killed my own food
I'm too shiny and new

I'm not the son of an immigrant
I came wrapped in a box
with a barcode on top
and all the words i say
are so square in their shape
its a shame

If I can't build and I can't kill
I'm a fish on land with air in my gills
Track Name: Visitor
I've been here long enough to know
all of you are full of shit
Oh my god, its so much fun
living in los angeles, florida
All of you are so important
it makes me sick!

I've been here long enough to know
that I am not one of you
I fall somewhere in between
two states of visitor and prisoner
either way I'm forced to say
this isn't worth my time

if i was displaced by circumstance
I have no regret
i am making a confession
I'm the one who led us to this train wreck
apologies to all of you who followed me
Track Name: Deep Snow Woods
We march through deep snow woods
just to find out we could
we carry our sticks and stones
we have a long path to roam

and a few miles back,
they've got rifles on their shoulders
marching in a square path
this is how you grow older

out on the fields, the cattle look cold
inside my boots i can't feel my toes
we walk on the tracks, the snow breaks apart
how long 'til we say we've gone to far?
Track Name: An Explanation
There's nothing like a month on a couch to help me find my way out
I needed time, I needed friends, I needed anything at all
and since I've been gone, I heard about the burn on your arm
I know that must of hurt, and I hope you don't think that you are cursed
I've got these tattoos I hate and I get by on my straight face
I'm sick of always explaining myself to everyone
No I don't believe in much, and yes I thought there was something to trust
In a way it was nice to know that when I die I've got somewhere to go

Ever since we moved down and switched towns
I have had so many shapes to take, to fake

I went down to tampa with some friends now the state wants my money again
we didn't do anything wrong, I like an arms distance from the arm of the law
I stand up for myself much more, more than i did, I crumbled before
I had pocket change for self worth, I tossed it away like crumbs for the birds
I found myself a dance floor girl, I surfaced myself in a parallel world
I couldn't help but notice her eyes as she passed out in the coffee line
I'm not sure i've lived long enough to tell apart what i need and what I want
this is my explanation of my new found lack of patience